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INSTALLATION: Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for the ground in which the fence is installed.  All earthworks, including levelling and compacting are to be carried out by the owner, or others.  We have no control over movement of the ground, in which the fence is constructed.  Gates, which are installed by Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd, will be built level and plumb at time of construction and ground movement is out of our control.  Gates may be adjusted by Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd upon request at no charge, but this will be determined on a case by case basis.

BOUNDARIES: Angove's Fencing  Pty Ltd is not responsible for locating official boundaries but our tradesmen will use their years of knowledge to find the most suitable location if not informed otherwise by owner/builder.

ACCESS TO SERVICES: Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd needs access to power and water to run equipment.  All objects, such as bricks, pot plants, etc are to be removed away from fenceline at a distance of 2 metres to allow new fence installation, unless this has been included in the quotation. Access to both sides of fenceline to be accessible by Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd and pre-organised with neighbours before construction is commenced.

UNDERGROUND SERVICES: Any obstructions under the ground, like reticulation, Telstra, power and gas, etc are to be the responsibility of the client to inform Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd before construction begins.  Failure to do this and Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd causes damage to services below the ground, is not the said company's responsibility and recompense shall not be entered into or recognised.

GENERAL: Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd warrants it's product and installation for a period of 12 months.  However, this is voidable is malicious/intentional misuse or vandalism has occurred.

TIMBER FENCING: As timber is a natural product, it is not the responsibility of Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd if the timber buckles or twists due to environmental conditions.

POWDER-COATED and GALVANISED PRODUCTS: 3 month corrosion warranty within 20kms radius of ocean on Powder-coating, elsewhere 12 month warranty. All steel which has been cut or welded will be coated in cold gal, unless otherwise stated, and Angove's Fencing holds no responsibility for metal rusting due to salinity.

PAYMENT: Payment must be made within the terms stated on the invoice, as all products remain the property of Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd until full payment is received. Split invoicing must be discussed prior to commencement of works, however the client who accepts the quotation will be solely responsible for payment if other parties fail to accept liability.

Angove's Fencing Pty Ltd
PO Box 7265, Urangan
Hervey Bay, QLD 4655
Phone: 0400617477

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